Practice Areas


Doster Law Offices has a premier election law practice. The Firm successfully represents clients before federal and state courts, as well as agencies such as the Federal Election Commission, the Michigan Department of State and the Internal Revenue Service. Clients include many of Michigan’s largest corporations, trade associations, nonprofit organizations, governmental entities, public officials, political parties, ballot question committees, individual campaign committees and candidates. We regularly counsel clients on the laws and rules pertaining to federal and state lobbying, political contributions, political action committees, ethics, the use of corporate facilities for political purposes and corporate guidelines on related issues.


Doster Law Offices routinely counsels corporations, trade associations, political groups and individuals on compliance with federal and state laws regulating institutional and personal lobbying and political activity, fund raising and contributions.


We assist corporations in following the complex restrictions governing workplace political activity, and advise political committees regarding Political Action Committee (PAC) administration and solicitation issues. We also provide guidance to corporate personnel on compliance with all of these laws and prepare guidelines for corporate handbooks.


Doster Law Offices frequently represents clients in matters regulated by the Michigan Department of State, the Federal Election Commission, elections commissions and boards of canvassers. Our experience in this area includes:

  • Creating federal and state PACs
  • Assisting clients in statewide ballot measures
  • Reviewing campaign finance and lobbying reports before submission to the appropriate agency
  • Assisting clients in outsourcing their PAC reporting responsibilities
  • Assisting clients in seeking advisory opinions and rulings from agencies
  • Representing clients against whom administrative complaints have been filed in enforcement actions
  • Recounts
  • Recalls


We assist in the formation and operation of many types of tax-exempt organizations, including public charities, issue advocacy groups, trade associations and political organizations. We advise our election law clients on corporate and tax matters, including complying with state registration requirements and obtaining and maintaining tax-exempt status. Many of our tax-exempt clients are subject to regulation by state and local campaign, corporate and tax agencies. We are uniquely positioned to guide clients through these multiple, complex and ever-changing rules.


We have an incomparable depth of experience in election, campaign finance, and First Amendment litigation. We successfully represent clients before federal and state courts. This representation involves First Amendment, equal protection and due process challenges to election laws, recounts, voting rights, redistricting, ballot access cases and defense of clients in Federal Election Commission and state litigation.

A list of representative cases can be found here.


For an organization to have sustained success, trustworthy legal direction is essential. Doster Law Offices serves the role of general counsel for associations and businesses (non‐profit and for‐profit) whose present business model does not support a full‐time in‐house lawyer. Our involvement level will vary depending upon the client’s needs and goals. As the legal advisor to the management team, Doster Law Offices offers proactive strategies that minimize risk, counsel on matters of corporate governance as well as regulatory issues and develop creative solutions when problems arise.


Recognizing the financial parameters of our clients, we constantly strive to be as cost‐efficient as possible. Some of the matters we routinely handle when serving as general counsel include:

  • Vendor contracts
  • Organization planning
  • Complying with regulatory requirements
  • Ownership structure
  • Establishing corporate records
  • Commercial leases
  • Operating agreements
  • Corporate bylaws
  • Contract preparation
  • Construction issues


Doster Law Offices represents tax-exempt organizations in various tax and legal issues that arise during their life cycles. Representative matters include:

  • Review of bylaws and IRS‐suggested policies
  • Consultation on grant compliance issues
  • Corporate formation
  • Tax exemption applications
  • Analysis of political and lobbying activities to protect tax exempt status


Doster Law Offices routinely drafts and negotiates complex construction contracts that expressly allocate the risk, responsibility and rewards for proper performance essential to a successful project. Our clients believe that the most effective means of risk management is an effective contract and therefore have asked us for our assistance with respect to architecture, engineering and construction contracts. Developing, drafting and reviewing contracts is the best form of self-insurance.